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Islam is all about Dawah or knowledge about the eternal character of the one true God Allah. Started by his last Messenger Muhammad, peace be upon him,Islam is a very rich religion that it’s very easy for many people of all persuasions to misinterpret. We have created this website to battle the misinterpretation and misconceptions regarding this beautiful religion.

The religion, at its essence, is all about finding the right relationship between a man and the divine. It is our goal to show that the followers of Islam, as well as those who are spiritually seeking, will have access to the real character of Allah as revealed in the Quran and other related scriptures. We have created this website with the following people in mind.

Existing Followers of Islam

All about Islam

If you are born a Muslim, or you are have converted a long time ago, then this website is for you. You will find the latest and greatest news, views and discussions about Islam from all over the world.

Hajj to Mecca

The great thing about our religion is that there is no division, race, or cultural friction. People from all four corners of the globe can become Muslim. If you ever need proof of this, go on a Hajj to Mecca.

No Division

When you go to Mecca, you can see that Muslims come in all sizes, shapes, colors and backgrounds that there is no division in the worship of the one true God Allah.

View Islam

Despite this lack of division, we also have a lot of diversity in terms of our specific cultures. This is why viewislam features a very rich conversation of different local concerns, as well as cultural interpretations and cultural issues. As a whole, we can hopefully work through these and come up with a consensus that we’re all brothers in in Islam.

New Muslims

If you have just discovered the beauty of Islam, welcome to the faith. This resource will help to deepen your faith by learning more about others’ experiences with Islam, how it influences their lives, as well as the daily blessings that come your way in your relationship with Allah.

Feel free to share and be inspired. There are definitely a lot of touching and moving stories here, where people have faced the great odds just to discover a true relationship with the one God.

The Spiritually Curious

If you are a person who is spiritually seeking, or you are looking for deep and real answers to many of the questions surrounding your life, you have come to the right place. Read our resources to learn more about Islam, and deepen your understanding. Go past media portrayals, misconceptions and misinterpretations, or whatever biases and prejudices people have.

We help you get straight to the source because we make available online versions of the Quran and other important scriptures. Get inspired by the testimonies of people who’ve actually lived Islam. These are real people living real lives and witnessing real experiences.

If you ever have any questions or misconceptions about the religion of peace, this is the place to hash it out. While we do not facilitate debates and all sorts of heated arguments, we do present calm, collected and serene format where people can confidently go and get the information they need to make truly informed decisions. This place is fair. It presents a selection of information, and most importantly, you can get inspired by the information you find here.

This is the Place to Learn About Islam

World's Questions

We know that a lot of people from all areas of the world have all sorts of questions regarding Mohammed and the message that he came to bear for the world. We have links to the Quran, the hadiths and other important works on this website. If you have a question, we will help you get straight to the source.

Wrong path

It’s very easy to find an opinion, or somebody’s commentary, but most of the time, it turns out that these are not enough. In many cases, they actually lead you to the wrong path. They often lead you to a place where you come up with all sorts of wrong conclusions. We want you to get a direct feed into the primary source of the teachings of the Quran. That’s why we link to these materials.

Our Sources

We offer a comprehensive list of resource links so you will never be at a loss for any direct or primary source. In fact, we don’t just offer one primary source, we offer many different mirror sites or copies of that source. Just in case a link goes bad, you will always have ready access by simply clicking on the mirror website.

Do a Deep Dive

Box Heading

It is our hope that after you have been exposed to all the rich diversity of the information in this website that you can do a deep dive into Islam. This way, you can fully explore using your own two eyes and your own brain to figure out what this religion is about. We can confidently say that it is not anywhere near its Western portrayals. It is a very rich, deep religion.

All throughout history, people from all walks of life have had their lives enriched by their contact with and engagement with the tenets of Islam. You can become one of them.

Box Heading

There are also many areas for sublime mysteries, and the only way to truly know it is to access and to be engaged with it. Islam has many different cultural expressions. Do a deep dive on the different experiences of different people from all cultural backgrounds. You can see both the diversity, as well as the unity that we all have in Allah.

This place is dedicated to people who have good will from all over the world. Whether you are a seventh generation Muslim, a new convert, somebody who’s thinking of converting, or somebody who has deep and profound questions regarding our faith, this is the global community resource for you.


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