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We believe that Islam is the religion of peace. We believe that Islam has so much to offer people from all four corners of the globe. Allah has spoken regarding the importance of sharing the Word of Islam to all those who would want to listen. According to these ends, we share the following:

Islamic news

Regardless of where it happens, you can bet that you can get the latest and greatest news regarding our global community here. There are all sorts of opportunities, as well as challenges and problems, Muslims face. By presenting all these latest developments and in front of the global community, it is our hope that we can come up with both localized and regionalised, as well as international, solutions.


We offer lots of resources for people who are either have been long-term Muslims, recent converts or people thinking of converting. These resources don’t just highlight the beauty and the value of Islam, but also, it gives you the important information on how to appreciate this faith much better.

It is a very deep and rich faith. It is definitely not something that you can process in one sitting. It’s like a beautiful flower and that unfolds slowly. You think you’ve seen at all, but as it continues to bloom, you see more and more layers. You see more and more angles. You see more and more details that make it richer and richer.


Feel free to go through all these resources because they can go a long way in deepening your understanding and your faith questions and answers. We pride ourselves in sharing an open forum with a global community. Whatever questions you may have about Islam, His Messenger Muhammad, or any of the other messengers mentioned in the Quran, feel free to share them here. Whether you have a question about Mary, the mother of Jesus, or Jesus himself, or for Moses and any other prophets mentioned in the Quran, feel free to post your question here, and we assure that members from all over the world would be energized and enthusiastic in answering your questions.


We also facilitate a lot of heart-to-heart discussions among people with profound questions. We’re not talking about questions regarding details of Islam, but questions regarding existence in general. We try to create an intimate place where people can really be honest with themselves, so we can get truly Islamic answers that would enrich, deepen, and give further meaning to our lives both individually and collectively as a community.

Personal Testimonials

There are many heart-breaking and a truly inspirational testimonials here. There are many instances of people who come from backgrounds where their families disowned them because these individuals have discovered the truth of Islam.

We really go out of our way to collect these testimonials because they go a long way in inspiring people to keep searching for the truth and embrace it. A lot of these testimonials come with a lot of pain. Many of them have come with a lot of humiliation and challenges overcome. Still, what they all have in common is the deep and abiding peace of having found God, praise be to Allah.

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