Allah Doesn’t Command Anything He Hasn’t Empowered You to Do

Allah Doesn’t Command Anything He Hasn’t Empowered You to Do

For a lot of people who are reading this who are thinking of becoming Muslims but really haven’t made up their mind, listen up. I understand where you’re coming from. I understand that you think you are going to be letting go, and it’s been too much of a sacrifice. You might be thinking that there’s a lot more to lose than to gain. Please understand that whatever gain you have imagined in your life, nothing can compare to what you stand to gain and the paradise that’s ahead of you when you finally submit to Allah.

In Islam, understand that God doesn’t command you to do anything without empowering you. He doesn’t tell you to do His will without equipping you to do it because you might think that you’re the weakest person in the world, you might think that you have screwed up in the past and nobody trusts you anymore, or you have been shamed and humiliated. However, none of that matters because when you submit to Him, He will give you the power, and since this is Allah that we’re talking about, the all-powerful, the all-merciful, the all loving, then you know that you will get the power that you need.

It might not seem obvious, but you can bet that it would appear at the right time, at the right place, in the right form, so you can do what you need to do to please Allah. Life is hard because you choose to do it alone. Isn’t it time for you to just give up and surrender, and let God do the walking for you? It’s time to do that because the more you struggle against Him, the more you will struggle against life.

You will get harder and harder work that will seem more pointless and meaningless. You have to go back to what’s important. What’s important is not one person’s life, but God’s will because your life right now, let’s be honest, is all about convenience. It’s all about comfort. It’s all about what you stand to gain. The God created you has something so much more in store for you, so it’s time to submit and let go of your ego. Submit and let go of your attachments.

If you think you have it good right now, it gets even better. In fact, whatever you have right now, as enjoyable or as important as it may seem, is nothing compared to what you stand to gain.

The point I’m trying to make is best illustrated with this story of the monkey and the ball. There was a village where a lot of the villagers were upset because it appears somebody was stealing from them. They wake up in the morning and they would see all these kitchen utensils and household items thrown all over the place. Sure enough, there’s at least something of value missing from each house. This went on for weeks until, eventually, all the townspeople gathered into the town square. They told the village head elder what’s going on. They said, “We need a solution. This is unacceptable.”

People are beginning to suspect each other and there are all sorts of crazy rumors going around. People are at their wit’s end. So, the wisest man of the village, who also turned out to be the oldest man, said to the crowd, “This is a simple matter. You see that tree over there?” Then he pointed to an old palm tree in middle of the town square. “Whoever is stealing will be found next to that tree this morning this exact same time tomorrow. Mark my words.”

People were just relieved at some level or other that something is going to get done about their problem. However, at the back of their head, a lot of people doubted whether the problem will go away because after all, who in their right mind would show up at the town square where people can accuse that person of stealing?

It turns out that around the same time the next day, the culprit was found. There was a monkey with his hand stuck in the trunk of the palm tree. It turns out that this monkey has been stealing from everybody in the town. People were besides themselves with this revelation. They were saying, “Wow. How did this happen? How did this old man trap this monkey?”

He explained that it was quite simple. He said he put a shiny ball in the trunk of the tree. If the monkey grabbed onto it, his fist would get so big that it won’t fit the hole in the trunk of the tree and he would get stuck. That’s precisely what happened the people that were besides themselves asked him, “Why didn’t the monkey just let go?” The elder then turn to the crowd, “Do you know how hard that is? Do you know how hard it is to let go?”

I asked this question to you because that is what you need to ask about your life. Whatever it is you’re struggling with, you know you need to let go. That’s what Islam is. It is all about surrender. It’s all about letting go.

The good news is when you let go, you grasp a more powerful life. You end up gaining far more than you leave behind.

Unfortunately, just like that monkey stuck with his arm in the trunk of that palm tree, we feel that we’re losing too much. We feel that we are going to be left behind. We feel that the value of whatever it is that we’re letting go, vastly outweighs the value of the things that will appear in our lives. That’s precisely why so many of us are struggling spiritually, physically, emotionally, financially, and whatnot

Submit and do His will, and everything else will become easier.

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