Basking in the Power of the One God

Basking in the Power of the One God

Islam is one of the world’s biggest monotheistic religions. We believe that there is only one God, and it is Allah. This is a very important fundamental and foundational truth even in our modern world.

Understand that there’s an illusion out there. The illusion is that the world, by and large, is already monotheistic. When you ask Buddhists, there is an answer that would mirror monotheism. When you ask Jews and Christians, the answer is unanimous that their religions are monotheistic. That is formal monotheism. There is such a thing as practical polytheism.

If you really think about, it the world is a pagan world. Why? While the old idols of the past like Baal are long gone, there are new gods that have taken over. These gods come in many forms. They are unmistakable. They are the gods of convenience. They are the gods of post-modernism for the lack of a true center. In other words, we live in a world where our need for comfort trumps everything else.

It really is too bad because if we were only to look at the power of the one true God, we will find the answers were looking for. We will find the peace that we so desperately crave.

Allah is like your earthly father, but a billion times kinder. However kind and loving your earthly father is, Allah is billions and billions of times so much kinder. He is ever merciful. He is ever kind. He is ever loving. His love never ends; it’s infinite. Allah is like your earthly father, but a billion times more understanding.

Understand that the world can be a crazy place. The world can be a full of bad decisions. Allah knows this, and that’s why he embraces His children. He understands His children that’s why He has this law to steer them to the right direction. By understanding this, connecting with him, and being with him, you find the power to live an upright life.

By our own power, we’re not going to make it. We are too distracted. We are too weak. However, if we connect ourselves to Allah, we get the power. We get the inspiration to live a life of meaning and peace.

This is all noise to a lot of people. People don’t want to hear it. People don’t want to see this message. People don’t want to read this message. This is because people are irritated with God. They feel this because they did not bother to know Him. That’s all there is.

They let themselves fall prey to the god of convenience in the form of a tablet, a mobile phone, or a job. They allow themselves to get tricked by the modern lie that if it feels good, do it. There are rules. There are standards. Allah, the one true God, through His Messenger Muhammad, peace be upon Him, has laid down the right path. By submitting to him, you can claim a better life, you can get the peace that you’ve thought you are unable to get in your life. In other words, you would be able to fully experience all the promises that life promises you, but fails to deliver.

The answer is actually simple, it’s all about submission. It’s all about getting your ego and your need for self-gratification out of the way and let God take over because Allah has a better way for you. Allah has a better plan. Get out of his way and let his mercy fill you, and you would be surprised as to how much more powerful you become, and how much more peaceful your life will be. Submit to him in all areas of your life.

If you think you’re struggling with an addiction, that’s no match for the divine. Do you think you have a very bad past? That’s nothing compared to the future you have with Allah. Trust in him, and he will guide your steps. There is a better way for you and it’s a way of peace. It’s a way of prosperity. It’s a way of love.

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