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Viewislam is very welcoming place for all Muslims from all four corners of the globe. It doesn’t matter what color your skin is. It doesn’t matter whether you speak with an accent. It doesn’t matter what educational attainment you have. None of that matters because we are all equal in the eyes of the one true God Allah.

If you have any suggestions to help us turn this into a much better website, please speak up. This website can only be improved with your help. We need as much help as we can. All hands on deck.

If you have any suggestions, comments or questions, please reach out and get in touch with us. Use the form and let us know. In particular we’re most interested in the following:

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Do you need to ask a question?

This is the place. If you have a question about Islam, any of the prophets, Islamic history, or Muslims in general, please feel free to share what you have in your mind. As long as you ask the question respectfully and most importantly, with enough details, we are sure we can have an answer for you quickly.

Please do keep in mind that we do publish questions because we also publish the answer. This website is a resource that is intended to help the global Muslim community and people looking to convert into Islam.

Unfortunately, just like any other website on the Internet, this website can suffer from dead links. This is especially true with news or resource websites. Websites, as you probably already know, come and go for a wide variety of reasons. People either fail to renew their domain registration, their website has run out of business, they've experienced some sort of problem, or others. Whatever the case may be, their website is missing. There are bad links everywhere, and unfortunately, this website is not immune to that. If you click on a link only to see that 404 error page, do let us know. If you click a link and it takes you to a website that is completely different form the website that you thought you're going to end up at, do send us a word. We need to know so we can keep fine-tuning and fixing this website, so it becomes the very best it could be.
Bugs are problems with coding that basically makes the website perform in a substandard way. For example, if you're doing a search and you end up on the wrong page, you don't retrieve any results, or you end up retrieving a really nasty looking error code composed of raw HTML or PHP code, that's a bug. Bugs come in all forms, so if something doesn't seem like it's working right on this website, please don't hesitate to let us know. We need to find out where these bugs are and how to take them apart, and either fix them directly, or work around them. We would greatly appreciate any bug reports because this website is a work in progress
If you've been clicking through the many different areas of this website and have been jumping from one page to the other, you probably would see all sorts of content patterns. We have to admit that we put together this website the best way we could. With that said, there's probably room for improvement. If you feel that it could be organized in a more intuitive or easier way, do let us know, If you think that there is a more efficient way of presenting all this content, please reach out because we'd like to hear from you.
Regardless of whether you’ve been a Muslim for a long time, you were a born Muslim, you're thinking of converting, or you're a new convert, we need to hear from you. Share your testimonial. What does Allah mean to you? What does reading the Quran and following the five obligations of Islam mean to you? These five duties really do enrich the Islamic life. Share your testimonial about them. Please understand that when people share testimonials, they end up inspiring others. Maybe there are people who are thinking of joining Islam, and maybe it's your testimonial that would finally get them to make that decision. Allah is ever merciful, ever gracious, and He loves us all. So, please be inspired by your love for Allah, and share your testimonial because it can be such a great blessing for people all over the world.
We're firm believers in networking because we believe that the only people that will help fellow Muslims best are other fellow Muslims. So, feel free to suggest ways members can reach out to each other.
If you just need to speak to a Muslim about faith and life in general, do drop us a note. Whatever the case may be, we want to hear from you.

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