How to Deepen Your Faith in Islam

We get this question a lot.

Living the modern day

Many people live their lives in such a way that it’s basically on autopilot. They think that one day blurs into each other. It’s very easy to see why. Because we live in a modern, fast-paced, complex world, it’s too easy to lose our identities. It’s too easy to lose sight of the beauty, as well as the power, of Islam.

5 Obligations

To get back to your faith and deepen it, adopt the five obligations. You just need to do that. Pray five times daily. Make sure that you pray correctly, and pray with your heart. Give alms. I can’t even begin to tell you how powerful this obligation is because it really is a blessing, not just for the receiver, but for the giver as well.

Giving Love

You really don’t feel love unless you’re the person giving love. A lot of people in our modern world think that love can be measured based on reception. Some of it can be measured that way. You really only feel love when you’re giving it, when you have an open heart, and alms is love in action. When you help out people who can’t help themselves and who cannot, in a million years, pay you back, you are loving them. So, adopt that obligation, do it with all your heart and feel it with all your being.

It's Very Real

That’s the way to deepen your faith in Islam. It’s one of those things that the more you do it, the better it becomes. It gets richer and richer. You’re not just going through the motions. It’s not just an obligation. It’s not just the custom. It’s very real.

It Transforms You

It burns through your system because it transforms you. You go from an organism that only cares about itself, to be a higher being that reflects love, compassion and kindness to those around him. That’s what Islam does. It turns us into “higher beings” than raw animals.

Animals only care about themselves. Animals only worry about making it to the next day. Higher beings, those who are in tune with the Quran, who are blessed by Allah live with compassion, love and mercy.

Unfortunately, this is not all going to happen overnight, but the good news is baby steps are still steps forward. Keep that in mind. You might be thinking that you’re not making much progress because you’re only able to manage a small step forward. Well, my brother, that’s still a step forward. It’s still a step in the right direction.

Now that you have adopted the five obligations, practice them, and you’re making a forward steps, keep going. Turn it into a routine. The word “routine” has negative connotations. Instead, do it so repeatedly that you start deepening the habit by observing yourself. Don’t just adopt a routine, deepen that practice. When you see yourself doing it, this would have consequences for the rest of your life, and you would be able to apply the Quran and its teachings in all areas of your life. This leads to a happier and peaceful existence.

Read the Quran deeply. Personalize it. Every word has to impact you personally. Every word has to pierce your heart and make sense in your life in the here and now. That’s how you deepen your faith.

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