Understanding the Power of Surrender in Today’s World

Understanding the Power of Surrender in Today’s World

Islam is the Arabic word for “surrender”. To be a Muslim means you have surrendered to the will of Allah in your life. This is for the foundational truth of the religion called Islam. Unfortunately, we live in a world that is completely antagonistic and hostile to any form of surrender. The only kind of surrender that the modern world offers really is no surrender at all.

It’s all about self-seeking. It’s all about putting yourself forward often at the expense of others. It’s all about seeking pleasure. It’s all about gaining more money. It’s all about self-absorption. This is the precise opposite of true religion because true religion and rooted in the one true

God is all about surrender. It’s all about Him, His law and His will for your life. This is a black and white situation. You’re either going to go on one path, or you are going to go on another path, but let me cut the story short.

The path of the world leads to destruction. It leads to emptiness. If you don’t believe me, pay attention to how people consume. It seems that the more we get, the emptier we feel.

We buy all sorts of stuff using money we don’t have to impress people we couldn’t care less about. That is the essence of modern existence. It’s all based on manufactured need. Nobody needs a super big car. Nobody needs to live in a palace, but that’s the endless chain of acquisition and clinging that we’re trapped in.

In our modern world, it is very easy to fall into the trap that our essence as people can be enhanced or even be defined by stuff that is outside of us. We rarely look at what’s inside. We have lost sight of the fact that what matters most is who we are as people and who we choose to be. By focusing on this choice and internal reality, we can reclaim the power we all have-the power of definition.

Islam provides a way out because you don’t have to consume to be somebody. You don’t have to eat and eat, and even buy and buy and buy to be somebody. Let’s put it this way, whatever product you buy will never fulfill you. Whatever food you eat will never satisfy you. Whatever clothes you wear, would never become you.

The answer doesn’t come from outside. It doesn’t come from outside validation. It doesn’t come from the reputation. It doesn’t come from any of that. The answer can only come from a new heart within.

Only Allah can change your heart. Only Allah can liberate. This is why you need to surrender because when you surrender, you let him take over. You get out of the way. You step out of the way, and you let Him and His mercy, His love, His concern, and His compassion fill your life because that’s the only thing that’s real.

Everything else is an illusion. Everything else leads to damnation. That’s a strong word, but it has to be because it’s the truth. The truth often hurts, so surrender today, and allow Allah to give you a new heart. That’s what you need to live a life of peace and meaning

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